Work with Me

Ways to work with me

I have a few different options and ways you can work with me, something for all levels whether you are a beginner on your journey and would like to purchase a £30 PDF guide or do one of my mini-courses, or big courses and work your own way through them yourself.

Or if you feel like you would like more guidance and me to hold your hand with my mentorship I offer an 8-week mentorship.

Or I can do an hourly rate to help mentor and guide you if you prefer

I also do Live training at times if it is something I feel is needed, so look out of my social media for them

I am also a UGC content Creator so if your brand, company or biz needs help with creating reels or photos then I'm here for that also.

Feel free to reach out to me so we can discuss what you need help with.

I am an Instagram strategist, and I help brands, creatives, and entrepreneurs, grow, get seen and make money online

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