Work with Me

Hi, and thanks for taking the time out to watch my video, read this, and looking into working with me... it will be a pleasure to have you on board, and for me see you grow as a person.

I feel I have grown a lot since leaving school. I found school hard, and things difficult to take in. I ended up leaving school with not many GCSEs at all. I couldn't focus in class, maybe because the subjects didn't interest me, or because I am a Pisces, and we are dreamers. Massive dreamers actually. Teachers would always say “Emma wasn't listening, she was somewhere else”. Truth be told, I was in EMMA land ( a world of my own). I still do it now, and have to make myself stay focused. Dreaming is not such a bad thing though, this is what has made me do all the things I wanted to do in life, as I would dream it and then take myself to that place, and think “well I can do that, and I can have that life... WHY NOT!!” So I am thankful for being a dreamer. I have many more dreams I am working on right now. Never stop dreaming.

We are kind of programmed to get good results, otherwise we’ll never get anywhere. But I know many people that have gone out there and proved this all wrong. Most successful people actually didn't do well in school. I am not saying do not do well at school, of course you should try, but everyone has different brains and work differently. Some people struggle with this, and don’t get the help they need. Others get into the wrong crowd at school, or have learning difficulties. Maybe things have gone on in life that has taken them off their path, some people don't have the best upbringing, and this can affect us in our early years. But all this does not mean your days are over, and you should give up and think you won’t get anywhere. We could all do this, hey? You just need to discover what it is you love/like doing, and work at that.

I want to help and inspire people to dig deep, and think about what you are good at. What could you do, to change other people lives, or touch hearts. After years of wondering what was my passion? What would make me get up in the morning and smile work-wise? What would I be happy doing work-wise and be able to live my life to the full? How I could I help other people? After all these questions, I realised all I had to do was be me, talk about what I loved, do what I loved and have fun doing it. It took me years to work this out, and it was staring me right in the face. Remember everyone is not going to be good at everything, but you sure will be good at something. Just be true to yourself.

Do not let anybody ever tell you you are not good enough. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

If you have fire in your belly, and you know deep down you can do amazing things and make a difference in this world, you’re outgoing, have a bubbly personality, you’re into traveling, or seeing different things, taking adventures in your life, and have the can-do attitude, Then I think you have found your place to work, and we can do amazing things together.