RAUXA – A taste of the madness

A Dinner and Dance Show

Few weeks ago I went along to a Cabaret and Burlesque show in Riviera Maya Mexico, at the Hotel Catalonia Royal Tulum Beach and Spa. Wow! What a night and what a show to remember! Madness going on around you, with a magical atmosphere.


Before you enter the theatre, your senses are awakened by performers who are mingling and interacting with the guests. The costumes are fabulous. Upon entering the theatre, there’s a feeling of electricity and anticipation of what you’re about to see.


As the story of the show unfolds, you’re taken through a world of acrobatics, sensuality, comedy, and drama.


The music was all live, and the singing was brilliant. The main actor was just phenomenal; she was engaging with everyone while performing. It is all like a very sexy Cirque du Soleil.


This show is absolutely like no other that I’ve seen, and it was truly an experience that I’ll remember for a long time to come. I would wholeheartedly recommend experiencing Rauxa.


The show is on every night, starting at around 7.30pm and finishing at 11 pm


After the show, you can a stay little longer if you wish, as the show culminates in a dance party for the guests. When the music goes on, everyone gets up on the stage and dances, so you can enjoy the music after.


While the show was on, we were brought out a 4-course gourmet dinner. They can cater to everyone’s needs, and the meal options included a choice of meats, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian options. You pick from 3 different options for each course, and I had the Duck Confit and the Sea Bass, but you can choose what you would like on the night. Along with a cocktail on arrival, there is free-flowing sparkling wine all night, and then a coffee at the end.


Rauxa was beyond excellent. Very entertaining, great performances, and the choreography and singing was on point. You won’t be disappointed.