The Beautiful H10 Ocean Dreams Boutique Hotel


Looking for a nice little getaway that’s not too far away? Just 4 hours on a plane, and you could be at the beautiful H10 Ocean Dreams Boutique Hotel; a Luxury, 5 star, Adults only hotel. I was there for Christmas/New year 2017/2018. I have been to this hotel about 5 times now, and each time it provides a perfect, relaxing holiday, so you go home nice and refreshed.

Reception area 

The staff here are very friendly, and will do anything to meet your needs. When you walk into the hotel the reception is right in front. They have 2 reception desks, so sometimes it can a take a little while to check in, but while you are waiting the staff will get you a glass of champagne, juice or water.

Lounge/Bar area 


The hotel inside is very colourful and vibrant, and gives off a very warming welcoming feeling. It’s sophisticated, clean, and well looked after. The hotel only opened at the start of the summer in 2016.

The bar is on the same floor as the reception and the lounge area. Entertainment comprises of singers or a DJ, 4 nights a week. You can watch and listen, or join in and dance the night away, if you wish. The bar is open from 9am-12pm. They serve lunch here too between 1-4pm. All the drinks and food are done on a card system, so you just flash your card with your room number, and everything will get charged to your room. You pay at the end of your stay, which makes it much easier as it saves you having to carrying cash around with you.

The Pool Area 

                                                  If you walk past the bar area you will find yourself in the Pool area.


      They have plenty of beds around the pool for you to use, as well as some deckchairs that people like to chill out on.

One evening I was very cosy on the beds around the pool, with my pillow and dressing gown on. It was late, around 6ish, when the sun was coming down. I was so snuggled up on the bed, I just didn’t want to move; watching the sun come down and the world go by, feeling so peaceful and relaxed.

The pool at the H10 is heated with fabulous jets in it, which gives you a hard massage on your neck and back. Also, around the side of the pool, they have little jacuzzi pumps, with a ledge to sit on and chill out.

At the back of the pool area they have four-poster luxury cream cushioned beds. A luxurious spot to just take yourself away and be alone, if you’re in the mood.

If you’re into keeping fit while on your holidays, they have a few morning activities you can join in with: Yoga, Pilates, Stretching etc. They do these exercises in the middle of where the Luxury beds are, as there’s a big space in the middle. Exercise classes are only on early in the morning.

Restaurant – À la carte 

      For the evening dining you will not be disappointed; the food is to die for. Here are a few starters for you to see.


A few main courses also. It is all À la carte food; with a menu for you to choose from each night, and serve to the table. The portions are just enough, but if you are still hungry the staff are great, and you can order more.


The Despacio Thalasso centre 

If you’re in need of a pampering day, they have a fabulous spa with lots of treatments on offer. The treatments are all different prices dependant on what you have.


                                                                Me, waiting for my massage. The gym is right next to this area.

They have a separate room with a sauna and steam, chill out marble stone hotbeds, and a jet pool. It costs 5 euros to use this.

The hotel Rooms

This hotel has 94 rooms, so not a massive amount. The moderate size keeps it very personal with all the staff, and they get to know you very well. The rooms are exceptionally clean and cleaned every day. They are bright and vibrant, with huge king or queen size beds, and so many pillows that you just sink into them. You will have the best night’s sleep here, and not want to get out of bed, they are that comfy. They have big plasma TVs on the wall, a fridge in each room, and all bathrooms have these huge walk-in showers that are just the best.

  My room overlooked the luxury beds, so amazing views. Also, away from the pool, it’s so nice and quiet in the day and night.

                                                                The sunset from my balcony was just beautiful.

                                                            A lovely little picture of the pool lit up at night for you to see.

The hotel also has a loyalty program, so when you check in you can ask for one of these cards if you wish. You fill in your details, and you can become a member. It’s definitely worth having one, as you can use these in any H10 hotel around the world to collect points, which turns into money that you can use in the hotel (i.e. in the spa for treatments, or drinks on the bar, or food bought in the hotel). You also get little gifts sent to your room, with gifts varying based on what reward level you are at. They have 3 levels, and the more times you use a H10 hotel, the higher you go.